utilizing time

The Prophet says that on the Day of Judgement, God will show you how you spent your time. The Prophet goes on to say that God will have 24 “cases” for each day. For every hour there will be one case representing that hour. The Prophet says there are going to be three kinds of cases:

  • One with light which will fill the person with happiness.
  • One with darkness that it will put fear into the person.
  • The final case will be empty because it contains the acts that didn’t mean anything. In the moments represented by this case, individuals will feel regret because of the missed opportunity to do something meaningful with their time.

The Prophet says that we should divide our time into four parts.

  • The first division of time or “part” should be about connecting to God. This entails acts such as prayer, reciting supplications, and reading the Quran.
  • The second part is where the individual questions himself about the deeds he committed.
  • The third part is where the individual comes to a person with religious knowledge to obtain spiritual growth.
  • The fourth part is where the individual uses the time for themselves in a correct manner.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pu8KtDlLD7s