types of hearts

In everyday life when we refer to the heart we are referring to the organ that beats in the left side of the human chest. In Islam the heart is not just an organ that we need to survive, it is one of the keys to our spirituality. The Qur’an says the heart has many functions including thinking, pondering, accepting guidance, being at peace, and expressing anxiety, doubt, mercy, or harshness. These functions are not physical functions, they are spiritual functions.

Imam al- Baqir says that there are 4 different types of hearts.

  1. A wavering heart is wavering between being on the right path and straying away from the path. People with a wavering heart go back and forth between the right and the wrong, they have the good heart but they get caught up into the wrong things.
  2. An inverted heart is upside down. The Imam explains these kind of people as if they are walking on their faces instead of their feet, everything they are doing is opposite of what they are supposed to.
  3. A sealed heart is of a person who is constantly committing sin, their heart is sealed off from performing good deeds.
  4. A luminous heart is the heart of the one on the right path. This heart shines a light not only on themselves but on to the others around them as well. A luminous heart is a heart that we all should strive to have.
The true heart of a person may have different functions but there are only two ways to describe the heart. There is either real faith or there is no faith.

When you have faith in your heart you also have two situations, you are stable with your faith or there is faith but it is not stable.

When there is no faith in a persons heart, there are also two situations,

  1. the person pretends to the world that they believe but in the heart there is truly no faith, or
  2. sometimes a person does not even pretend to express faith.

Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyfBVRv8Zsk