true love

There are two types of love.

The first type of love is the physical kind of love. This involves the physical interaction or the “chemistry” of the spouses. This kind of love is necessary because human beings have desires and needs. There is nothing wrong with finding a spouse that is physically attractive.

However, this type of love alone is known as superficial love and is temporary; it will not last forever. As the old adage says, “looks fade over time” so if you base your love on just the physical aspect of your spouse, then do not be surprised if your love starts to fade away over time. Basing your emotions purely on appearance will contribute to you not being satisfied with that person. While physical attraction is important, it should not be the primary reason for loving someone else.

The second kind of love is more genuine. This love involves being attracted to the qualities, morals, and the spirituality of your spouse. When you truly want to fall in love with your spouse and have it last, you should fall in love with his or her personality.

Imam Ali (as) says that whenever he came back home after a long day, just seeing the presence of Lady Fatima (as), his wife, made all his worries and misery go away.

This kind of love is what we should all be aspiring for. Morality does not often change over time. However, looks, finances, and so forth can change quickly – and often do.

Finally, always base your love on God. God states that getting married is considered half of your religion, and that we should love and care for our spouses. God creates true love and compassion between the spouses. If you and your spouse love each other and God, then your marriage will be blessed by God.