time & place

As Muslims we are obligated to pray five times a day. When approaching worship, we must go in with the mindset that we are approaching a holy environment. Of course if you are visiting a Holy shrine of one of the Imams, you automatically go in with the purest intentions. However, even if you are not praying in a Mosque or a holy shrine but at home, you must still approach your prayers with the same mindset you would if you were in the most holiest of land.

This is because no matter where you are, you are entering a state of God’s worship and metaphorically standing in front of Him. Therefore, you want your mind, body, and soul to be as pure as possible. 

Prayer is the basis of life.

 ime is also a very important part of prayer, for we will be questioned by God about our prayers on the Day of Judgment. Furthermore, this questioning will not only exam whether we prayed or not, or if the prayers were done properly, but God will also assess whether we prayed by the ascribed time. Unless you have a very reasonable excuse that you can explain to God on the Day of Judgment as to why your prayers were delayed, you must do your best not to postpone your prayers. Of course God is all Merciful; He understands that we are all human and that sometimes we get caught up with daily matters that delay our prayers. However, we must remember that God does not ask much of us. Asking us to simply take a few minutes out of our day, a few times a day to stand in front of Him and worship Him for all He has given us, is not an unreasonable request.

Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz8Cr7vWE7g