thinking win-win

To think win-win is a mindset and a framework.

In this mindset you think “If I can succeed, everyone can succeed as well.”
By thinking win-win, you do not think that someone has to lose in order for you to win, or that if someone is doing better than you, it means that you have lost. This mindset means that you have to be supportive of others; you have to encourage the success of the people around you. If you have the mentality that you just want to compete with others, rather than pushing yourself to strive for the best, this can cause your pride to get in the way of your goals.

The opposite of the win-win mentality is the lose-win mentality. A person with lose-win mentality is someone who allows other people to take what they want, he or she becomes like a doormat and allow any person to walk all over them.

The lose-lose mentality is described as a person who thinks that if they are going to lose, then they want everyone around them to lose with them.

Thinking win-win is the best way to complete the mission and goals you set for yourself. When you think with a win-win mindset, it will help you to overcome roadblocks and any other kind of unforeseen issues that could possibly occur.