the right of the child

Our fourth Imam, Imam Zayn el Aabedeen (as), talks about the rights of children. When parents get married, there is no guidebook to how to raise a child. However, the book Treaties of Rights gives great insights on raising children. 

The Imam starts off by talking about a person’s child: 

Know that he is from you.  That he is added to you. In this world, with his righteousness and his evil. That you are responsible to teach them good manners.”

It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children proper morals, as well as religious teachings. Therefore when a child commits any action, good or bad, it reflects on the parents.

“O you who have faith!. Save yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel will be people…” (Chapter 66:6) – The Holy Quran 

Our children are delicate and innocent creatures. We should not burden our children with more than they can handle. For example, if you know your child cannot stay up to recite supplications, you should not force them to. 

“God does not task any soul beyond its capacity.”  (Chapter 2:286) – The Holy QuranWhen you are dealing with your child, remember that they are children. Do not treat them like they are mature adults.  You will be rewarded if you fulfill these rights to the child or punished if you do not.  Raise your child like they will be your honored prize later in life.

“Teach your children through play.” – Imam Jafar Al Sadiq