tape 9 – justin “the bystander”

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.a) said: “Whoever defends the honor of his brother, then God will protect his face from the Hellfire on the Day of Resurrection.”

Ahh Justin. We meet again. So as of now, Justin is dating Jessica, remember her?

At a party where everyone is drinking, Jessica is to the point where she doesn’t know what’s going on and well on her way to not remembering what happened in the morning. As Justin leaves the room that Jessica is lying in, Bryce walks in with the knowledge that Jessica is out of it. Justin knowingly lets him in, regardless of how he feels about his girlfriend being in a bedroom with a known predator.

Then Bryce rapes her while she was passed out and unconscious. Justin knows and does not tell anyone. That is called being a bystander. Although Hannah made this tape about Justin being a bystander, she revealed that she too was a bystander. Hannah was hiding quietly in the closet when it happened. She was a witness to this crime, yet never made a sound.

The Islamic repercussions for this failure to act are immense. If a person sees something happening where someone is being hurt, and the individual does not do something to help, it destroys his or her deen. The Prophets and Imams showed us how to treat people in need, with kindness and immediate action.  For example, Prophet Muhammad says in the hadith (tradition) above, that the person who protects his brother will receive the mercy of God. If Justin had done his duty as a human being and protected Jessica, the outcome of many of their lives would have been different.  Justin was also very angry with himself for being a bystander and allowing Bryce to go inside the room. Because his love for Jessica was so strong, it caused him to feel anger towards himself. He also realized that his passiveness towards the situation and not reporting the crime allowed Bryce to also rape Hannah later on, which inevitably was the straw that broke the camel’s back.