tape 6 – marcus “the school president”

Imam Ali Amir-ul-Mu’mineen (a.s) said: “You should avoid self-admiration, having reliance upon what appears good in yourself, and love of exaggerated praise because this is one of the most reliable opportunities for Satan.”

“Did you just want to see if the rumors were true?” Marcus was the student body president of the high school. He asked Hannah out to a date and because he is the class president and very popular, he expected her to agree, which she did. Marcus and Hannah’s date was at a local restaurant. However, Hannah got there, she had to wait an hour and a half until Marcus arrived.  When he did show up, he did not just come by himself, but with a group of his friends that sat a few tables behind them.

Marcus started to nonchalantly apologize to Hannah for being late and she nearly forgave him. However, then he started flirting with her and touching her leg. Hannah looked back at his friends and then she realized that Marcus was doing all of this for a dare. She yelled at him and pushed him off the table. He got angry and admitted that he was only here to see if she was “easy” as everyone has said. Hannah remained at the table crying. 

Marcus was just trying to see if the rumors were true. He did not care about Hannah’s feelings or how it would affect her emotionally. In Islam, we are taught that we should never listen to rumors for any reason. Furthermore, Islam teaches us to give the benefit of the doubt and trust that all people are pure.  According to aforementioned tradition by Imam Ali, it is very frowned upon in Islam to be selfish and overconfident. Marcus held a sense of entitlement because he was “The School President”, and consequently showed no regard for Hannah’s feelings.