tape 5 – courtney “the perfect student”

“…Are you pleased with the life of this world  rather instead of the Hereafter ? But the wares of the life of this world as compared with the Hereafter are but insignificant.” (Holy Quran, 9:38)

In high school status is everything. It consumes you and is the driving factor behind a lot of your actions. When the only thing that you care about is how other people view you, you will make sure to strive to be the perfect person. But the problem is that no person is ever perfect, and the more you try to play the perfect role the more you will only end up disappointing yourself.

This tape is about Courtney. Courtney was the other student we referred to in Tyler’s tape that had the inappropriate picture with Hannah. Courtney was adopted and raised by two fathers. So her whole life she received plenty of scrutiny for having two dads. Courtney was facing the battle within herself because she truly liked girls but would not admit it out of the fear of how people would talk about her and her fathers. She believes that people will blame the fact that she was raised by two men for her being the way she is, so instead of owning up to who she is, she made up rumors about Hannah. She led the school to believe that Hannah was the one who was living the double life. She needed people to stop assuming it was her so she gave them another target. She had more of an attachment to her reputation than to someone else’s life. There was no morality in any of the decisions she made. 

In Islam it is very important to be true to yourself. What you do in this world affects your being in the hereafter. Yet, it is important to not get attached to the materialism of this life. Courtney cared about two things: school and her reputation. So when the picture of her and Hannah spread and people began to realize who was in the photograph, Courtney used Hannah as her scapegoat. According to our Holy Quran, we should not be pleased with the falsities of this life and should be focused on the Hereafter.