tape 4 – tyler “obsessive photographer”

Imam Baqir (a.s) said: “It is compulsory for every Muslim to conceal even seventy great faults of his fellow Muslims (in order to save his prestige). (His faults should be dealt with personally but not be spread among members of society).”

 “Thing is, even though Tyler stopped coming around, I never stopped feeling afraid. So what could I do after that? First the school, then my house, even my own bedroom. Nowhere was safe. You took all that away.”

Tyler Down is the overly obsessive 17-year-old kid. More notably, he was Hannah’s stalker. Tyler was the schools photographer, who took it upon himself to target the student body and take as many pictures as he could, wherever he could. He made Hannah his “special” target.

Tyler was always watching Hannah from outside her window, always taking pictures of her. One night he caught a glimpse of something that no one was supposed to see; and he caught it on camera. When Hannah found out that it was Tyler she went to him personally and asked him to delete all the pictures and not to do anything with them. He gave her his word and told her that he would not spread the pictures and that he deleted them. The very next day, the picture was everywhere and with everyone. This picture was a photograph of her and another student in an inappropriate moment. What Tyler did was not only morally wrong, but also illegal. It is also against the law to take pictures of people in their private homes without their consent. What he was doing was illegal and if he was tried for it could have potentially faced some jail time even as a minor.

This situation opposes what is stated in the hadith (tradition) by Imam Baqir. The Imam teaches us to protect our fellow brothers and sisters and hide any faults they have. If Tyler had kept his word to Hannah and not spread the picture, the outcome in Hannah’s death could have been different.