tape 2 – jessica “backstabbing best friend”

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a) said that the disciples of Jesus (a.s) asked him with whom they should make friends, and he (a.s) replied: “With one whose presence reminds you of God, his speech increases your knowledge and his deed inspires you (to work righteousness for) the next world.”

“Losing a good friend is never easy, especially when you do not understand why you lost them in the first place.”

Every individual needs a best friend. In this case Hannah’s so called “best friend” ended up turning on her. Her name was Jessica Davis.

Jessica was new to their high school just as Hannah was. The school counselor thought that the two girls would make good friends so she brought the two of them into her office. To the girls surprise they ended up hitting it off very well. For a while they were inseparable. She was just the friend that Hannah needed, and as much as Hannah needed her, she needed Hannah as well.

However, their great start did not last very long. They soon became distant. There was no particular reason as to why they became distant. One day while at the coffee shop they always went to they saw a guy who was sitting by himself. They reflected on how they were each “once the girls who sat by themselves” and decided to approach him. His name was Alex. Alex, Jessica and Hannah became the dynamic trio; they were unstoppable together, hung out everyday and did everything together.

That trio soon faded and went from the three of them to just Alex and Jessica. They stopped asking Hannah to hang out and they started doing things on their own. Hannah had no inclination as to why they were ditching her. The truth was that they had begun dating. The distance grew the strongest when a list “rating” the girls within the class was released. Jessica and Hannah’s name were both on that list with different ratings about their body and looks. Jessica was convinced that Hannah had some part in this list. Instead of giving Hannah a chance to explain that she had no part, Jessica immediately accused her of being complicit, and slapped Hannah across the face in the middle of a coffee shop. That was the end to Hannah and Jessica’s friendship.

Have you ever accused someone of something before giving him or her a chance to defend themselves? Have you ever wanted to believe that someone was at fault so badly, that no matter what they had to say your mind was not going to change?

Had Jessica just simply given Hannah the chance to explain that she had no part in the creation of the list, Hannah’s life could have turned out a lot differently.

The teachings of our Holy Prophet inspire us to find good friends. Imam Ali says, “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” This saying speaks volumes; emphasizing the importance of the friends you choose. In this instance, Hannah’s friends were not good to her. If we were to approach this situation as Muslims from an Islamic viewpoint, Hannah should have been searching for guidance through a friend who will help her become closer to God.