tape 12 – bryce “the consent questioner”

“Men and women have the same spirit, there is no superiority in the spiritual sense between men and women.” (Holy Quran 4:1, 7:189, 42:11)

 Bryce Walker, often called, “the prodigal son, the star athlete, the perfect student and “the rapist.”

Hannah calls him, “The one who broke her soul.”

In the twelfth tape, Hannah recalls the moment that shattered her completely. Left alone and vulnerable, Bryce raped Hannah without an ounce of remorse. Yet he does not classify the act as rape because she didn’t say “no” or “stop”. But is the lack of refusal equivalent to consent itself? No. It never is.

From earlier tapes, it is obvious that Hannah was aware of Bryce’s predatory ways, yet she never spoke up about it out of fear. She tried to move on with her own life and acted as if it never happened. During the night of this tape Hannah chose to go to Bryce’s house trying to feel normal again. What she did not expect to happen was for her to end up completely alone with Bryce. When the incident occurred, she was so traumatized from her flashbacks of what happened to Jessica that she could not speak or even move. So she did not say stop, but she also did not tell him that she wanted him to even touch her, she was so frozen from fear that her body shut down on her.

Sexual consent is defined as someone agreeing, giving permission, or outright saying “yes” to sexual activity with another person. Of course, the religion of Islam sets more strict guidelines on the whole idea of consent. It matters in every sense of the word, but there are implications that have an affect on consent differently than other religions and cultures. Sexual consent itself has become such a widely controversial topic in many communities. Within the “Rape Culture” that has taken over much of society, we tend to label consent as not saying no, or not saying anything at all. But what Bryce “the rapist” teaches us, is that consent, in any sense of the word, needs to be verbally communicated. Otherwise, there is no consent being given.

Bryce had no respect for any of the women he was with or their rights. He saw himself as a superior to women because of his social status.

The Holy Quran tells us that men and women were born of the same spirit and there is no difference between them.