tape 10 – sherri “the silent one”

“You must be truthful. Verily, truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to Paradise.” Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.a)

“Sometimes, things just happen to you, they just happen, you can’t help it. But it is what you do next that counts, not what happens, but what you decide to do about it.”

After Jessica’s party, Hannah got a ride from Sherri, a popular high school cheerleader. As they were driving, Sherri crashed through a stop sign. Hannah and Sherri got out and Hannah wanted to call the police. However, Sherri would not agree. After much arguing, Sherri told Hannah that she would call the police when she gets home and she left Hannah on the street.

Hannah then went to the nearest convenient store and called the police. Hannah told the police that there was an accident, and they had hit a stop sign. The police told her that they were already on their way. Hannah thought Sherri called the police. However, the police were talking about a different accident that seemingly had nothing to do with Sherri running the stop sign. Except it did. Sherri hitting the stop sign caused a two-car collision that resulted in the death of a fellow student, Jeff Atkins.

Sherri still never told the police about her role in the car accident. Hannah wanted to tell her only friend and fellow classmate, Clay, about what really happened, but he shut her out because he had a close relationship with Jeff. Hannah felt responsible for Jeff’s death and the strain it had on Clay.  

Silence can go a long way. In our religion, there is an emphasis on being silent in order to protect the feelings of your fellow brothers and sisters.  Of course, we are human beings who make mistakes. Most often, our speech ends up being one of our biggest mistakes. However, when it comes time to withholding important information, this rule does not apply.  Sherri never owned up to her actions, she never spoke about it, and because of this her actions lead to Jeff’s death.