taking responsibility

Taking responsibility means that you are in control of the actions that happen in your life, that you are in control of your own sadness or happiness, your success or failure. If you cannot take accountability for your own actions, then it will be hard for you to grow as a person.

Be proactive in the choices you make after something does not go your way. Do not dwell on what went poorly. Instead, reflect on your actions and think about what you can do to change future outcomes.
As Muslims, we believe God is the most merciful and the most forgiving. These are concepts that our religion is based on. In order to be forgiven for our wrong doings, we must first take responsibility and understand where we went wrong.

Being responsible and taking responsibility are two related but different concepts. Just because you are a responsible person in the actions that you take does not necessarily mean that you take responsibility for the actions you do wrong. Owning up to your mistakes is an important milestone in growing up. Everyone makes mistakes; it is unavoidable. However, it is how you handle your mistakes and learn from them that will help you grow as a person and help to build your character.