There is a very good discussion on the topic of suffering by Sheikh Mortada Al Motahirri in his book called Divine Justice. Our narrations state that the suffering individuals encounter in different situations is sometimes given to bring out a person’s greatest potential.

If everything is normal all the time, you will never truly see how great you can become.

God puts people into difficult situations in order for us to become our very best. One thing you must remember is that when God puts you in a difficult situation, He will never impose a challenge that is beyond your capacity to overcome.

This is where we see the different types of tests that God administers.
Sometimes different things in the world can be a test from God. Prayer and fasting are tests from God. Going to Hajj is a test from God. Ones health, sickness, wealth, poverty, security, and insecurity are tests from God. 

God does not leave us without a way to overcome these tests. God tells us to be patient when we are tested and that our patience will help us become better people. There are three things that will occur if someone remains patient during a test: 

  1. Blessings from God will come to them.
  2. There will be extra guidance given from God.
  3. God will give that person more wisdom and courage to continue on the path. 

These are all guaranteed by God.