struggle against the self

Our biggest struggles in life are the ones that we have within our own minds. These are our inner struggles that may not be apparent to the world around us. We deal with them on a daily basis and they are the struggles that shape our everyday lives. Human beings consist of two main parts: the body and the soul. The body is the physical life of a human being and the soul is the inner life.

Part of the struggle against the self is that our body and our soul are not always acting as one.

The body is one of our biggest sources of strife. The human body is explained as having “seven worlds within us” which consist of ears, eyes, tongue, feet, stomach, hands, and private parts. Whatever the body can do revolves around these seven body parts. Additionally, these “worlds” are the means by which we do good or sin.

Furthermore, the condition of our soul controls how we use our bodies. When our souls are full of goodness and love for God and His creation then that will propel our body to perform good deeds. But when we allow ill thoughts and intentions and bad influences to guide our soul then that in turn with move the body to perform bad deeds.

Everyone faces a struggle between body and soul. This is part of our religion. Temptation is everywhere in this world, but whatever morality we choose is how God will deal with us in the hereafter.  God knows what our truest intentions are; He knows everything that we think and how we feel. As Muslims we believe that God gives us choices in life and the ability to choose between right and wrong. However way we choose to conduct ourselves will decide our fates.