rights of mother and father

Your mother, your mother, your mother, then your father.

–Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his holy progeny

The 4th Imam, Imam Zayn el Aabeden (as), has written a book about the rights of people. Two important rights are those of the mother and father.

The Noble Right of the Mother

The Imam describes below what our mothers have done for us.

“You should know that she carried you where no one carries anyone. She fed you through the fruit of her heart. No one can do this unless they are a mother.  She protected you with her hearing, eyesight, hands, legs, hair, skin, and her entire body.

She did all that with optimism.  Consistently, bearing all that she feels in hardship, in pain, in happiness, and even in depression.

She made sure you were fed when she was hungry. She made sure that you had clothes on your back if she did not. She made sure that your thirst was quenched, even while she was still thirsty.  She would provide you shade while she was under the sun.  She would make you feel the blessings while she felt the hardship.

She would allow you to sleep and take care of you even if it meant that she would have to stay up. Every time you felt pain and sickness, your mother would always take care of you.

Her womb was a cover for you. Her lap contained you. Through her chest she will nurse you. She would give her own self and sacrifice for you. She would stand in the heat and the cold of the world to protect you.”

The Imam continues with the noble right the mother deserves:

“Her right upon you is to thank her for the much she did for you. No matter how much we thank our mothers for what they have done for us, it will never be enough. With the help of God, He can grant us with ability to thank our mothers.”

The Honorable Right of the Father

The Imam tells us what our fathers have done for us.

“Know that you originate from him. You come from him.  That you are a branch of him.  If it was not for him, you would not exist. Any good trait you see for yourself, know that your father is the origin of this blessing. Therefore, show gratitude to the Almighty God. Thank God, as your father has done much for you.”

We ask God to give us the ability to thank our mothers and fathers for how much He has blessed us.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1db0bg-L_Y&index=5&list=PL3L4fZMl394-b9p_EYxaeFWju_1AbtB5y