responsibilities of parenting

“Know that your possessions and children are only a test, and that God – with Him is a great reward.” (Chapter 8:28) The Holy Quran

Parenting is a noble but difficult task.  God blesses us with many rewards, but those benefits are also tests. The tests of life include raising children.

Parents must provide food, clothing, and shelter. Parents also must protect against malnutrition, diseases, and extreme climate. These are necessities that all living things need. 

These responsibilities are important, but not complete without spiritual well-being. Parents must provide a foundation of religious belief, be consistent in their obligations, and be good role models to their children. They also must protect against sins, bad habits, and bad friends.

“O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones” (Chapter 66 verse 16) The Holy Quran

Parenting is not done alone. From an Islamic point of view there are three institutions that help with parenting: the mosque, religious role models, and religious schooling.  

The Mosque 

This is where the child will be in a religious environment, which will in turn help the child build a relationship with their mosque and community.

The Role Models

Children always look for people to look up to and to emulate. Role models should have good morals and a strong connection with God. The best role models that we have for ourselves and our children is the Prophet and his holy progeny (as).

Religious Schooling

Religious schooling is very important to the child because it sets a strong foundation of Islamic knowledge, which is very important in maneuvering through the world.

These three institutions do not replace the parents. The primary responsibility of raising a child always rests upon the parents. They should, however incorporate these institutions with their own responsibilities in raising their children.

Children learn Islam in these institutions.

Children live Islam at home with their parents.