The only way to ever grow as a person is to be aware of the flaws you have, or the mistakes you are making throughout your life. In Islam asking for repentance is very important. The only way for you to show God that you are truly sorry for disobeying Him is by seeking repentance. Each time you sin, your soul slowly starts to be stained with darkness. You must try to maintain the original brightness of your soul, to never let it lose its radiance, because if it does become stained with sin, merely repenting will not bring back its original shine.

When you ask God for forgiveness with all your heart, and with sincere intention, He can erase that darkness from your soul, and He can forgive you from the punishment. However, to regain your soul will never be the same as it was before you sinned. It is better to never sin than to achieve repentance.

This simply means that once you begin to sin and later ask God for his forgiveness it does not make the stain of the sin go away completely. It also does not mean that you can continue to sin and just expect God to forgive you every time. When you are repenting to God, in essence you are asking him to save you from that sin you have performed. There are six conditions which you must satisfy in order for true repentance from God to be accepted.

  1. You must repent (in other words, show regret regarding the sin.)
  2. You must resolve to not commit the sin again.
  3. You must pay back any obligations or repair any relationships that were related to the sin, if the sin you committed involves other people (for example: stealing from another person, or insulting them, etc.)
  4. You have to make up the missed obligation that created the sin (for example: missed prayers, fasts, etc.)
  5. If you have absorbed the sin into your body, by consuming haram food, or consuming food supported by haram means, you must rid your body of this “flesh”. To do so, you can engage in fasting. 
  6. You must force yourself to feel the sting of obeying the rules of Islam to an equal extent of the pleasure you felt at sinning.

You must complete each of these six conditions of repentance in order for God to accept your penitence. Even if you are sincere in your desire to repent, but you do not complete each of the conditions, then your sin will not be erased. You should always strive to seek God’s forgiveness in whatever misdeeds you commit. These are merely the steps that must undertake to take to show God that you are truly remorseful for your sin and to show that you sincerely want His forgiveness.