perfecting your prayers

Prayer is one of the most important aspects in our religion. Most of the time, people learn how to pray from their family members or school teachers. However, sometimes we learn incorrectly and do not become aware for many years. Perfecting prayer is crucial, and being open to learning to understanding where mistakes are being made is equally important.

  • In order to try to perfect our prayers we need to reflect, and have enough humility to look critically at ourselves. That is the first step to trying to get prayers back on the right track.
  • Each person must gain knowledge regarding prayers, and it is certainly worth it. Prayer holds such a high position in life, because if prayer is done correctly, then other good deeds in life are considered to be done correctly. Prayer is the foundation of life; everything that a person does is based on correctly performed prayers.

Prayer has two main aspects: legal and spiritual.

The legal aspects include the rules of prayer, the mandatory components, the recommended parts, and other requirements. The spiritual aspect is a person’s internal closeness to God.

The first step to developing ourselves spiritually is understanding the laws that God has given us regarding prayer.  Each of us must perform every step correctly to feel rewarded on a spiritual level with God. As Muslims, our goal is have a spiritual connection with God. We will not be able to reach this goal without thoroughly understanding and following the laws He has set forth.