perspective of music

There are two aspects to music, the lyric and the tune.

  • The lyrical aspect involves the content, the message, and the wording of the music.
  • The tune is the rhythm and the beat of the music. How does one know what kind of music is permissible?
Lyrics that promote forbidden activities will make the music not permissible.

However, sometimes there are musical lyrics that do not promote forbidden or unethical activities. What if these lyrics are, in fact, bringing us closer to God?

Here is an explanation. Our scholars here tell us that the tune, rhythm, and beat of the song fall in to two types.

  • The first type is the tune can be categorized as amusement and entertainment. For example, some examples of “gatherings of amusement and entertainment” can be at a party, a club, or even a concert, etc…

If the music is categorized into the amusement and entertainment category, then no matter what lyrics it contain, the music is not permissible.

Furthermore, our scholars say that even if the lyrics promote generosity, forgiveness, or worship of God; still the music is not permissible, if the tune is appropriate for “gatherings of amusement and entertainment.”
  • The second type of tune is the one that unrelated to gatherings of amusement and entertainment. If the lyrics are good and the tune not associated with gatherings of amusement and entertainment, then the music is permissible to listen to.

what if you are still confused?

If you have done a lot of research and analyzed the tune and the lyrics, but you still cannot decide whether or not the music is permissible, then Islamic Law says that the music composition is permissible to listen to.