mind, body & soul

Living with balance and moderation requires us to focus on our mind, body and soul.
Having a balanced life is key to the principle of renewing one’s self. Working on your body is very important, therefore you do not want to constantly be eating bad foods that make your body unhealthy. You need to avoid neglecting yourself and make time for physical activity to keep yourself healthy. Physical health also helps to keep your body and soul in a good place, and can be uplifting for many people.

Developing yourself intellectually by seeking knowledge and learning is also important. There is never a time where you are too young or too old to seek knowledge. Building the foundation at a young age is key.

Keeping your soul cleansed is a critical factor in how you live your life. Reflect on yourself. If there is something in your life that you do not like, or you think that you are doing everything right but not receiving the outcome you wish, then take a look at yourself and think of what you could do differently to keep your mind, body and soul balanced in your life.

Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVeyJUoxiHw