maintaining a spiritual heart

Keeping your heart pure and spiritual will help you in this life and the next. Taking care of yourself physically is important in Islam, therefore you should not cause any harm to yourself.

Your heart is what guides you to God. We all understand that if you eat bad food and allow yourself to get too overweight you could have a heart attack. There is also something considered a spiritual heart attack. A spiritual heart attack is when you accumulate so many sins that they block your connection to God. A spiritual heart is what connects you to the guidance of God.

“The sins that they have earned have darkened their hearts”

uslims start off with spiritually “bright” hearts. Every time a person commits a sin, however, he or she receives a block dot on their heart. The more sins that a Muslim commits, the more black spots surround the heart. While repenting for your sins will help to remove the blackness from your heart, you run the risk of having your heart filled with darkness and allowing your sins to consume you. If that happens, you will lose that connection to God before you even consider repenting. Just as you are careful about your health and heart physically, you need to keep your heart and soul in the same shape as well.