importance of kindness in family life

Family life in Islam is very important. From the perspective of the Holy Quran and traditions of the Ahlul Bayt (as), a key component in family life is kindness. The ultimate goal is to have peace and tranquility in one’s marriage. Islam assigns the husband and the wife different responsibilities in order to help attain this goal. The Prophet (sawa) states that anything inside the house is the duty of the wife and anything outside of the house is the duty of the husband. This however does not mean that the husband cannot help the wife with her duties inside the house and vice versa, especially if one is struggling with getting his or her tasks completed.

Throughout one’s marriage, it is very important to be kind to one another. The environment you live in should be warm and friendly; it should be one in which you are kind and respectful with one another. A lot of the kindness needs to come from the husband. The husband for example should appreciate the work that his wife is doing in maintaining the household, especially when children are involved.

The Prophet divided the work of the men and women on an equal basis.

Wives of course should reciprocate and what better way to do that then to emulate the character and lifestyle of Lady Fatima (as), from how she took care of her husband Imam Ali (as) and treated him with kindness and respect, to taking the best of care of their children. And what better role model for the husbands than Imam Ali, who after taking care of the duties outside of the house would then come home and sweep the floor for his wife. Now if Imam Ali, the divinely chosen leader after the Prophet (sawa), would come home from a long day at work and help with household chores, then the there is no excuse for men of today to do the same.

Patience and understanding are also very important in the family life dynamic.

The husband and the wife are the ones who hold the family together.
 They set the example for their children to follow, therefore parents must be cognizant of how they treat each other. If children see their father being verbally abusive to their mother, they might think that that is normal accepted behavior and treat others the same way. The same could be said when they witness their mother displaying disrespectful behavior towards the father. This is not what Islam teaches us. On the contrary, Islam teaches that the husband and wife are equal and should treat each other with the utmost respect at all times and always be patient with one another, especially in tough times.