how are we tested?

There are five categories where people are tested from God.

  • The first category is social insecurity. This is where God is testing the oppressor and the oppressed. The oppressor will be accountable of the oppression they are causing. The oppressed will be tested on how they react to that specific situation.
  • The second category is hunger. This trial is not necessarily caused by God. Hunger is created by social inequality, which is caused by the people. If people paid their religious dues from what God has given them, then there would not be hunger. 
  • The third category is poverty. People go through many different financial situations within their lives. Someone can be rich, but have very little meaning in their lives. God says “When I gave you so much wealth, I was testing you. Know that I am still going to test you. Are you going to maintain your faith or not? ”
    When I gave you money and power, I was testing you.
  • The fourth category is life. God gave people a physical body and He is going to test their bodies. He can give you good health and sees whether or not you are living an appropriately healthy lifestyle. God can also give the people a sickness and that can also be a test, especially in regards to how they react to it. 
  • The final category is the loss of children. When God gives a family the presence of children, that is a test. He might take away your child or the mother may lose the baby during childbirth. This is all a test from the Almighty.