connecting with God

Some of us have the misconception that when we pray it is a favor to God. We expect that when we pray, God must return the favor and if He does not then we feel discouraged to pray to Him. However, God has important reasons for delaying or not answering our prayers. A narration states that there are two types of voices that go to God when we pray to Him.

One voice is from the voice of a true believer. God likes to hear the voices of the true believers. God will delay answering their prayers because the true believers will keep going back to Him.

This will benefit the true believer because it will help develop a stronger relationship with God.
 For example, Imam Ali says that he developed a better connection to God because He did not answer his prayers.

The second voice is the person who treats God as a merchant. When they need something from Him, they will ask Him. When they do not need Him, they do not talk to Him. They are not trying to make a relationship with God. He does not like to hear these voices, but through His infinite mercy He might answer their prayers.

This narration shows that the importance of the fulfillment of a prayer from the perspective of God is secondary. The connection between God and the servant is what is important from the standpoint of God.