fighting our illicit desires

There are three necessary steps one should perform to fight inappropriate desires.

  • Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is the process of contemplating and thinking about oneself in order to figure out who you really are. It is about questioning yourself and your true purpose in this world.

God created humans and said that we are His best creation in existence. In fact, when Prophet Adam (s) was created, God ordered all of His angels to bow down to Prophet Adam. Accordingly, man through self-reflection will be able to recognize the importance and greatness that God has placed in humanity.

In fighting our desires, we find ourselves. 

When we overcome our illicit desires, we move one step closer to finding out our true nature and how special we truly are.

  • Seeking Repentance 

When an individual realizes that he has committed a bad deed by giving into an inappropriate desire and then seeks to repent, this is the next most important step in fighting our desires.

A good resource to help guide one through his repentance is the recitation of Dua Al-Tawba (The Supplication of Repentance), which is in the book Al-Sahifeh Sajjadieh. This book of supplication is written by Imam Ali Zayn el Aabedeen (as). An individual who feels true remorse for his misdeeds is advised to pick up this book of supplication and recite the above mentioned supplication. He should then read the translation and speak to God with earnest repentance – seeking forgiveness for his actions from God. 

  • Strengthening the Will Power

The final step in fighting inappropriate desires is the strengthening of one’s will power. It is really easy for a person to go back to performing misdeeds if he does not have strong will power. However, through prayer and supplication a person can train himself to avoid committing bad deeds. This training can help to strengthen a person’s will power and help one to fight even thinking of an illicit desire, much less giving into it.