Try to place yourself in someone else’s shoes to feel what they go through. When someone is having a hard time, if you want to help them, you must feel what they feel, see what they see, and experience their hardship in some way. Islam insists that each Muslim empathize with one another. When each person can understand each other’s pains and struggles, that can help alleviate almost all the world’s problems.

If you do something good, you will get something good in return…

Islam insists that every human is treated with dignity. Our religion teaches that we must avoid hurting each other through emotional and physical means.

“Empathy will give you the highest status in imaan (faith).” You can feel empathy towards someone for various reasons, whether it is because you see them experience a loss, suffer from a disability, or see someone going through a rough time. This empathetic feeling can bring people together and strengthen bonds between yourself and God. It is a truism that God will show empathy towards his creations. 

It is commonly mistaken for the feeling of empathy to be feelings of sympathy. To be empathetic you are understanding and sharing in the conceptual understanding of another individual’s hardships. However, being sympathetic means you are feeling pity towards a person’s misfortune. When you understand and share someone’s problems, you are offering assistance and advice, in times of sympathy you will sometimes out of politeness apologize for a loss but not offer much.

Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvJXXdPCmcU