controlling our desires

Our faith is tested everyday.  As human beings we have desires and sometimes society can make these desires seem acceptable. However, a lot of the behaviors that society considers to be normal are actually haram (prohibited). 

There are two kinds of people: those that move away from societal harms and those that allow haram behaviors to consume them. 

As Muslims our goal is to aim for the highest status we can achieve with God.

We must realize that God views us as His best creation. When an individual comes to the realization that God created us to be the very best, and he feels remorse for his wrong doings, that is when such a person can better gain control over his desires.

After you have gained this self-realization, the second step is to strengthen your will power. Determination and will power are important steps in spiritual training. It is very easy to relapse into bad habits. However, if you can reach a certain level of determination and will power, then you will have achieved the first step in overcoming these desires.

God knows that we will sin. He puts these sins into our lives as tests. Some test we may pass, and other tests we may fail. It is okay to occasionally fail, because God teaches us in the Quran how to overcome our failures. If He did not expect us to fail, then He would not have taken the time to teach us how to overcome our failures.

Desires are natural. Each person has them. The key to living life with dignity and morality is to learn to control your desires. Once you have control over your desires, then you will  have control over your life as a whole.