character traits for success in life

uslims strive to be uphold the best moral character possible. Our main goal in life is to be as close to God as possible. To be successful in life is to achieve this goal.

The three main qualities that are the basis for being successful in this endeavor include:

  1. Guidance from God

Seek guidance from God in everything you do everyday. God will always guide you on the right path. Keeping this mindset is immensely helpful as you maneuver through life. Know that everything you have in this life is all from God, and whatever you choose to do with your belongings and your actions will affect you in the hereafter. Whatever trial that you are going through at the time, God’s guidance will always help you to overcome it.

  1. Patience

Many people perceive patience as a bad thing. However, being patient is very important. Maintaining patience is true power and strength. Being impatient is an actual sign of weakness. Patience helps us to keep our minds clear and allows us to think before we act.

  1. Conviction in God’s signs

God leaves us signs that He is with us everyday. Build your character on these signs. God is the All Knowing; He knows all of our weaknesses and yet He does not expose them to anyone. Strive to do the same so that if you know of someone’s weakness, do not reveal it. It is very important in Islam to try to protect not only the way we are viewed, but how we view other people as well.