six ways boredom can be harmful…and dangerous

Boredom will leave you feeling frustratedPeople who are always bored become angrier because they do not have anything that will satisfy their lives. This leads to a number of problems like overeating. The number one reason for overeating is boredom. For example, if someone is bored they are looking to do something. They decide to eat just because it is something to do even though they are not hungry.

Boredom can increase your chances of drug addiction One of the leading factors of drug addiction, especially among the youth in the world, is the state of feeling bored. They have a lot of free time and tend to always be bored. They have nothing better to do, so they resort to drugs. Drugs are a way for youth to alleviate their boredom. But drugs lead to bigger problems in the future, such as health and financial issues.

Boredom can reduce your work productivity  When someone is bored at work, boredom will not allow that person to be productive in his or her work. In fact, it can lead to accidents at work. For example, construction workers that become bored can cause serious harm to themselves and others. If they are thinking about random stuff or lose focus, they can inflict real harm.

Boredom can shorten your life span Scientists have shown in their research that people who are bored have a shorter life span.

Boredom can increase your likelihood of sinningBoredom is one of the leading factors to committing sins. Why do many people sin? It is because they are bored and want to find something fun to do. Boredom leads to nasty habits and heinous acts. For example, people who like to gossip are doing it because they are bored and have nothing better to do. Another example is that people who listen to music are doing so because they are bored.

Boredom can inhibit your creativityWhen someone is bored and their mind is distracted, they are less likely to be creative. They cannot concentrate and think creatively.