are you one of the thirteen reasons?

Recently, Netflix released a show named “13 Reasons Why” based on the best-selling novel written by Jay Asher. It is about a teenage girl, Hannah Baker, who commits suicide because of the difficulties in her life, and the people who made her life tough. In the show, Baker releases a series of thirteen tapes, each one discussing a different reason as to why she committed suicide. The series has been instrumental in documenting real life issues that plague high school students throughout the world. The show brings to light topics that are taboo and are often not discussed in many communities, including depression, rape, suicide, and drug addiction.

But it also brings up the idea of self-reflection.  Every single character that had an impact on Hannah Baker’s decision to take her life could have had the opposite effect. One act of kindness could have saved her life. At any moment simple words and actions could take somebody to the edge. Have you ever pushed somebody that far? Without ever even realizing it?

If there is anything that this show truly emphasizes, it is that one way or another, we have all been one of the thirteen reasons why someone is having a tough time.

  • Tape 1- Justin “Captain of the Basketball Team”
  • Tape 2- Jessica “Backstabbing Best friend”
  • Tape 3- Alex “The Labeler”
  • Tape 4- Tyler- “Obsessive Photographer”
  • Tape 5- Courtney- “The Perfect Student”
  • Tape 6- Marcus- “The School President”
  • Tape 7- Zach- “Mr. Misunderstood”
  • Tape 8- Ryan- “The Poet”
  • Tape 9- Justin- “The Bystander”
  • Tape 10- Sherri- “The Silent One”
  • Tape 11- Clay- “The One”
  • Tape 12- Bryce- “The Consent Questioner”
  • Tape 13- Mr. Porter- “The School Counselor”

The following articles are summaries of the aforementioned tapes with an Islamic perspective to the “reasons why”. We are in no way condoning the behavior of the characters portrayed in the show. The aim of the summaries written through an Islamic lens is to provide guidance, reflection and God willing a positive change in thought, emotion and behavior.