10 steps to wisdom from the imams

  1. Goodness is expected from you. People know that if they come to you, you have true goodness in your heart.
  2. You restrain from engaging in evil acts. Every human being has the power to slip into evil tendencies, but a true believer restrains himself from evil behaviors.
  3. The way you look at others and yourself. When you see something good that someone has done, you appreciate it greatly, even if the act itself is small in scope.
  4. When it comes time to the good you have done, you do not brag or arrogantly compare yourself to others. Always be humble and praise those around you.
  5. An intelligent and wise person is someone who does not become fatigued at requests for help.
  6. You are never tired of seeking knowledge.  You seek knowledge throughout your life. 
  7. You must choose the path of purity. Of course, in this life obtaining some wealth is important, but if you must engage in haram (prohibited) behavior to gain your wealth, then God will not be happy with you.
  8. Prestige and honor in society. Everyone tries to gain fame sometimes, but if you commit a haram act to get there, it is not worth it. God would rather have someone with humility in social perspectives as His devotee.
  9. You should prefer a life of obscurity rather than fame.
  10. You should not see anyone create either a sense of entitlement or inferiority among Muslims.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqjA0il7jag