10 Signs of a Wise Person

  1. Goodness is expected from them.

Before strangers interact with a person, it is already know that the person is good.

  1. They restrain themselves from engaging in evil deeds.

A wise person tries his best to avoid sins and does not perform any evil actions.

  1. They appreciate other people’s good acts.

When they see people performing good acts, they acknowledge it and pleased by it.

  1. They are humble in regards to their own good acts.

When a wise person commits a good act, he or she does not think use the act as a reason to think highly of themselves. They think of any good act as very minor in the grand scheme of things.

  1. They never express reluctance when people approach them for help.

A wise person will always give advice or help others, even if they are exhausted or hesitant. They are always available for people who are in need of their help.

  1. They always seek knowledge throughout their life.

A wise person will never stop seeking knowledge. They remember the Prophet’s saying “Seek knowledge from cradle to grave.” 

  1. They would rather be poor and have a strong relationship with God rather than being wealthy without God.
  2. A wise person always puts God first in their life.

A wise person will always honor God and have humility before God as a top priority, and will value these ideals more than having the respect of other individuals, even close friends, managers, coworkers, or even worldly leaders. 

  1. They live life without regard for fame or popularity.

A wise person does not seek to have their name widely recognized or publicized for their accomplishments or for any other reason. They are happy to live without worldly acknowledgement. 

  1. Wise people do not view themselves as better than the other people in their society.

Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqjA0il7jag